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Northern Hikes is your gateway to the Bohemian Switzerland national park. A park that lies on the very north of the Czech Republic (and bordering Germany) like a forgotten jewel awaiting to be discovered. We strive to provide an eco-friendly tours in small groups, in a sustainable way. Our tours are fun, we treat you like our friends and the atmosphere is very casual.

To make your experience more intense and authentic, we cooperate with the local community (restaurants, bio farmers, info centers, town councils) and therefore we can offer customized conditions and real visits to a Czech Republic countryside, something beyond an ordinary sightseeing you are used to. 

We also participate in the so called "Destination fund Bohemian Switzerland", a community of local enterpreneurs, villages, towns, hotels, restaurants and other subjects with a common aim to develop the area of the national park in a sustainable way. Part of the money you spend on your tour goes back to this fund and the rest stays inside the region.

Our team grew up in the Bohemian Switzerland region. We spent many years hiking through the park and it's still our passion. With us, you will see sights familiar to locals and still unbeaten by big tourist masses. Escape touristy Prague, come and join us, experience something beyond ordinary sightseeing and enrich your Czech Republic's visit with an unique experience !

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  • Vítek Northernhikes


    Founder, Director

    I was born and raised in the Bohemian Switzerland national park area, the town of Decin. Few years ago I quit my corporate job and founded our hiking agency - out of love for hiking and nature. To do a job that has sense of purpose. I have 21 years experience travelling within the region. My aim is to show you it's not just Prague what you should visit during your stay in Czech Republic.

  • Marek Northernhikes


    Tour Guide (ENG, CZ)

    I was also born in the Decin, town known as "The gate to the Bohemian Switzerland". Having 15 years of experience in travel industry all around the world, I always wanted to come back one day. Now I am back tour guiding in my home region to show you the best scenic sites, rock formations, deep gorges and scenic viewpoints all around the national park.

  • Paja Northernhikes


    Tour Coordinator and guide (ENG), (CZ)

    Rock climbing in the Czech Republic originated in the Bohemian Switzerland area. No wonder I love to climb. Spending much time outdoors, my passion gradualy converted into a work of a tour guide so I can show you places familiar for me and yet unknown to you. I also arrange your tours, coordinate pickup times and the details.

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