Original gift package of local products

Gift package of assorted certified products made in Bohemian Switzerland area.

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This is something unique you won't be able to buy anywhere else than right here. We have carefuly selected some of the most traditional local products and put them together into this hand-wrapped gift cassette, a perfect treat for your loved ones back home.

The box is some 30x30 cm so it can fit into your luggage for the check in or you can as well savour it while waiting for the plane.

We proudly dare to say this is something very orginal, made with love and you will never ever see it in any souvenir shop elsewhere. So take your chance, try one and send us few words who got happy thanks to this box, back at home :)

Your Gift Package Includes:

  • BIO honey from local organic farm (*for both)

    BIO honey from local organic farm (*for both)

    There's a lady in village Varnsdorf and she owns so called "Bee's paradise" farm. The trick is that she cares for the bees, treats them well unlike the big factory producers and as a reward she has one of the best clean, BIO honey in the region. Well and it wouldn't be us if we didn't get this for you. Enjoy your sweet moments with a small jar containing 0,125 litre of this liquid gold or treat your loved ones back home with this gift. No wonder this is a "Bohemian Switzerland local product" certified honey.

  • Small chocolate bar with a historical photo (*for both)

    Small chocolate bar with a historical photo (*for both)

    So you've booked the tour with Pravcicka Gate - or you did not and still want to see it. Well there's a solution ! Enjoy this small chocolate bar with a historical photo of the Gate from the early 20th century, when people started to discover the area. It's made by a Decin based company Jordan, well renowed for its quality. Better than a postcard and again, certified product. You won't find this in any shop or mall, only the company's store, or local info-centers sell it. So we got it for you !

  • Herbal soap from local cosmetics workshop (*for her)

    Herbal soap from local cosmetics workshop (*for her)

    For more than 15 years the local family produces BIO soaps and cosmetics. All they have is one house and a beautiful garden full of different kinds of herbs. And from this, they create hand-made soaps. Their products are awarded by a unique certificate "Bohemian Switzerland local product". Only something traditional and from the region can achieve such certification. Bring back home a small soap in a nicely wrapped box and stop using chemical-based cosmetics.

  • Pocket knife "rybicka" (* for him)

    Pocket knife "rybicka" (* for him)

    This little but sharp pocket knife known as "rybicka" (meaning a "little fish" for its shape and design) used to be a standard accessory for each young boy or teenager during the communist times. Camping was a big thing in Czech Republic and it was unthinkable to go into woods without a good knife. Light and reliable, the "rybicka" knife is an ongoing 're-born' by a local company Mikov, famous and traditional producer of knives. A little design added is our Northern Hikes logo on the blade. Easy to slip into pocket or a perfect fit on a keyring thanks to its size, this traditional tool will make for a good help when you need it.

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