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In Bohemian Switzerland, we have something we adore about every season, but winter is certainly something special.Perhaps this time of year is even one of the most magical.

Discover the Land of Narnia – Bohemian Switzerland | Northern Hikes - Czech tours

Come winter, and a fresh dumping of snow, the scenery becomes transformed into something out of a fairy tale. Virtually silent outside the crunch of your shoes compacting the snowy floor, and the occasional snow-clump dropping from the trees. Something about the dramatic landscape shaped by the majestic sandstone rocks covered in snow transports you to a different world altogether. Almost like… Narnia… It’s exactly how you hoped the manifestation of Narnia would be - stunning.

From reading the classic story written by C. S. Lewis set during wartime England. The story’s four protagonists are Susan, Peter, Edmund and Lucy, four children sent to the countryside to be kept safe during WWII. They stumble across a wardrobe with a portal to the frozen land of Narnia, currently being frozen in winter by the White Witch. The iconic imagery created in the text is one that could only match something of from the North Pole. Thick white snow caked amongst pine trees and jagged rocks. The text describes everything Bohemian Switzerland is. This feeling resonated so much with the creators of the blockbuster, Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe they chose Bohemian Switzerland National Park as the site for filming those iconic snowy scenes that make Narnia, Narnia. Want to know where our favorite locations that double as movie sets are located? We will share our secrets with you!



While we can’t say your entrance into Bohemian Switzerland will be as dramatic as stumbling upon a wintery wonderland through a wardrobe, but it will be as beautiful. It is one of our favorite locations and a bit off the beaten path. Due to its relatively remote location, it’s not often visited by tourists who stay on the beaten site-seeing trail. This location was used for the iconic scene where the youngest child in the story steps out into the wintery wonderland, wide-eyed and amazed at the treasure she has found is in Tisa. This spot serves as the physical connection between the real world and Narnia as depicted in the movie. Take a second and enjoy this spot for it really feels as though Bohemian Switzerland is Narnia and Narnia is Bohemian Switzerland.


In real life, this location is set on the plateau of what is known as the “Tisa Wall”. A large wall of sandstone rocks that stands out above the little Czech village it watches over. Guests have the opportunity to view this gem from afar, but also get up close by climbing through the giant sandstones - the same ones that house Mr Tumnus, the faun Lucy befriends when she first enters the frozen world. At the end of the hike you will be rewarded with a sweeping view over the village that will make you feel like you stepped into Narnia yourself. This is our favorite winter hike - and most popular amongst guests during the colder months. We spend the morning exploring the nature that made Czech Switzerland synonymous with Narnia all before lunch time. 


Pravčická Brana

Our next location to make an appearance in the film, is the popular The Pravčice Gate (Pravčická brána) in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This stunning rock formation is a popular site in the National Park that morphed into the magical scene when Peter, Susan and Lucy along with the beavers look down onto the frozen river that runs through Narnia as the plot thickens leading to the films climax. Unfortunately, beavers are not commonly found in this part of Czech Switzerland - but the landscape is. The sweeping views in the scene give a perspective on how large Narnia is - but also how beautiful



The rock formation is one of the biggest sites to see in Northern Bohemia as it holds the standing for the largest rock bridge in Europe, and provides epic views to the valley below. It is also one of the most popular sites to be seen in the National Park, but does require some effort to get there as the hike is a bit strenuous. Please note, the location come wintertime is a bit elusive and only open to visitors for the weekend as a means to maintain the landmark’s delicate nature.

As you can see, we are smitten with a wintery Bohemian Switzerland, an easy day trip from Prague. You can join our guides, adventuring from one fairy tale land to another and find yourselves right in the middle of a movie scene. Northern Hikes provides an excellent way to experience true Bohemian nature any time of year (we are just a bit biased to winter ;)).

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