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National Park Airplane Tour from Prague

The only air tour in the national park | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
The only air tour in the national park


Elbe canyon
Ruined castles and forts along the way
Pravcicka Gate
National park Bohemian Switzerland
Gorges of Kamenice river

Tour details

Max. 3 people per one flight
This tour is weather dependent
Total tour duration is 4 hours including transport
45 - 60 minutes sightseeing flight
Gorges of river Kamenice | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Gorges of river Kamenice

The only air tour in the national park, packed with highlights. Only offered by the Northern Hikes as a special trip.

Up to one hour long flight (45-60 mins) taking your through a breathtaking scenery as well as around several historic castles and towns in the Northern Bohemia.

You would love to see the scenic national park Bohemian Switzerland. But what if you are not exactly a hiker ? Or your itinerary does not allow for a full day tour ? Or you simply want the best we have to offer ? Then wait no more and go for this tour !

After less than one hour drive from Prague, our own experienced pilot will take you on board of a small plane. Up to 3 passengers can fit into the plane so you can enjoy almost a private flight.

Immediately after the take-off you'll start seeing typical Czech countryside below you with dominant landmarks such as the national mountain "Rip", centuries old ruins of castle "Hazmburk" or the dark side of our history - the "Terezin" concentration camp with its fort.

Next, it's time to see the national park Bohemian Switzerland. Deep forests, high sandstone towers emerging from below and the epic Elbe canyon (deepest sandstone canyon in Europe) will be just another set of highlights you can enjoy during this tour. Be prepared to see the iconic "Pravcicka Gate" from unique air perspective. Fly over the gorges of Kamenice river and skip the boats. You have a plane ! What can be better than evade the crowds on the ground and still see the national park in its full glory?

Elbe Canyon | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Elbe Canyon

Northern Hikes offers two types of discounts for our guests:

Children up to 14 years of age travel for 60% of the adult rate. This includes infants as well.

Larger groups of 7 and 8 guests are eligible for two types of bonification.

Private tour means a standard tour itinerary but with no other group on the tour.

All the discounts are applied automatically by our system when you make the booking. The price shown is final.

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