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Scenic tours crafted by true locals

Northern Hikes is your gateway to the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland National Parks. Being locals to the NP we were the first company to offer day trips for English speaking visitors. Since then we maintain and improve our leading position. While striving to provide an eco-friendly tours in small groups, our tours are fun and we treat you like our friend. With a casual atmosphere of the day you will feel good.

To make your experience more intense and authentic, we cooperate with the local community (restaurants, bio farmers, info centers, town councils) and therefore we can offer customized conditions and real visits to a Czech Republic countryside, something Beyond an ordinary Sightseeing you are used to :)

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We also participate in the so called „Destination fund Bohemian Switzerland“, a community of local enterpreneurs, villages, towns, hotels, restaurants and other subjects with a common aim to develop the area of the national park in a sustainable way. Part of the money you spend on your tour goes back to this fund and the rest stays inside the region.

Our team grew up in the Bohemian Switzerland region. We spent many years hiking through the park and it‘s still our passion. With us you will see sights familiar to locals and unknown to you. Escape touristy Prague and experience something beyond ordinary sightseeing. Enrich your Czech Republic‘s visit with an unique experience. Come and join our tours !

Vitek Northernhikes


Founder & Director

I was born and raised in the Bohemian Switzerland national park area. Decin is my hometown. Few years ago I quit my corporate job and founded our hiking agency Northern Hikes - out of love for hiking and nature. To do a job that has sense of purpose. I have 21+ years of experience travelling within the region. My aim is to show you that it's not just Prague what you should visit during your stay in the Czech Republic.

Marek Northernhikes


Senior Tour Guide

I was also born in the Decin - town known as "the gate to the Bohemian Switzerland". Having 15 years of experience in travel industry on cruise ships all around the world, I always wanted to come back one day. Now I am back tour guiding in my home region to show you the best scenic sites, rock formations, deep gorges and scenic viewpoints all around the national park.

Pavla Northernhikes


Senior Tour Guide

I grew up in an ordinary town between Prague and national park so since I was little, I tried to escape to nature every time I could. I have always loved rocks and hills and in Bohemian Switzerland I have found paradise. Spending much time outdoors, my passion gradually converted into a work of a tour guide so I can show you places familiar to me and yet unknown to you. I also love to climb and as this national park is the area where rock climbing in the Czech Republic started, it is  a place which attracts me like a steel to magnet.

DALIBOR Northernhikes


Tour Guide

Although I originally come from Slovakia, Bohemian Switzerland was the first national park in Czech republic, which I had a chance to discover years ago. And it was love at first sight. Ever since, I have been coming back to hike through this beautiful natural preserve. I realize there are yet many places to visit in the national park, and I guess I will never be able to visit them all. Bohemian Switzerland is a unique part of the world, and you are invited to discover it with us.

Vojta Northernhikes


Tour Guide

I got to know the area of the CS Swiss National Park through rock climbing. The unique sandstone rock formations provide the opportunity for a very special kind of rock climbing experience with the added bonus of breathtaking views, wilderness atmosphere and the feeling of transience as the ever-changing rock are slowly weathering away. I like to witness the daiy disguises of the enviroment with the pleasure of sharing it with our guests.

Jakub Northernhikes


Executive Manager

Hiking is a national sport of the Czechs. Thanks to this I know many breathtaking sites of the national parks since my childhood. Although I was born in the highest mountains of the Czech Republic (Krkonose) and not directly in the Bohemian Switzerland, it has fascinated me with its sandstone scenery. It is hard to find anything similar across the countries I have already traveled (many :). I took this chance and became member of a friendly team to lead it into future challanges.

NICOLE Northernhikes


Tour Guide

I haven't started exploring the beauty of Czech wilderness until I was grown up and met new friends at college. Thanks to them I got to try orienteering, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, but most of all – rock climbing. To my surprise I realized that the most beautiful climbing areas of the whole world were in my own country. The Bohemian Switzerland sandstone area was my first outdoor climbing experience, and I felt drawn to the region and its scenic nature immediately. It is now my great privilege to be able to walk with you amongst the most epic sandstone formations in this hidden paradise, and call it „my job“.


Tom Northernhikes


Marketing Specialist

In Northern Hikes we work closely with travel brands,bloggers and influencers. We are not big fans of the clasic old marketing mix. Our inovative approach gives me opportunity to meet new travelers in person and stay in touch with news from the travel field. Social media is my core hobby, especially Instagram.

Hela Northernhikes


Tour Coordinator

Being born almost inside the Bohemian Switzerland national park area, I enjoyed its beautiful landscapes since early childhood. Grateful to be connected to this wonderful place even through my job, I confirm your reservations, manage our tour schedules and answer your inquieries. And I keep returning to the national park all year round, it never gets old.

HONZA Northernhikes


Tour Guide

Mountains, travelling, nature, sport, motion. These words express everything what I love doing and what makes my life full. Thanks to working for Northern Hikes these are not only words, but reality that I am lucky to be experiencing. I was born in Nový Bor in Lusatian Mountains close to the National park. I have left my home town several times to travel and work abroad. I lived in Austria, Canada and the United Kingdom at different periods of time but I was always happy to come back to the North of Bohemia… Now I am hoping to show the beauty and wonders of our countryside to the others especially the area of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland National Park.

SARKA Northernhikes


Tour Guide

Travelling extensively for the last 5 years, I have explored many natural wonders - camped in the remote bush of New Zealand, crossed Australian deserts, climbed Hawaiian volcanoes, wondered through the Canadian wilderness and meditated in the mountains of Indonesia. Experiencing all the beauty, I felt an urge to share it with everyone. I am grateful to be able to come back to my homeland with a newfound perspective. I will share our cultural history with you and guide you through the native forests, majestic rock formations and deep river gorges of Bohemian Switzerland. Looking forward to seeing you on a Northern Hike.

MARTIN Northernhikes


Tour Guide

My hometown Varnsdorf is located just half an hour from the national park. Since my childhood I fell in love with maps, nature and history. This combination showed me the way of my life - geography and travelling. Although I often travel abroad, I always wonder how the national park, just in my backyard, is stunning. Let´s explore the kingdom of silence, wilderness and phantasy.

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