5 Reasons Why to Visit Bohemian Switzerland From Prague

Megan Indoe

Prague is full of beautiful architecture, cathedrals, and castles. But what many visitors do not realize is that the Czech Republic is home to a national park with a fairytale landscape that is not only inspiring but worth leaving the city for.

5 Reasons Why to Visit Bohemian Switzerland From Prague | Northern Hikes - Czech tours

For centuries, these lands have inspired creatives including painters, poets, and authors because of its unrivaled beauty. When visiting Prague be sure to take a day to explore outside of the city and witness the natural wonder the Czech Republic has to offer in Bohemian Switzerland.


Here are 5 reasons why Bohemian Switzerland is the best day trip from Prague.


  There are Several Incredible Viewpoints

The many different vistas and viewpoints overlooking the gorgeous scenery is one of the reasons why Bohemian Switzerland is one of the best day trips from Prague. You have the viewpoint overlooking the Pravcicka Gate, the awe-inspiring sandstone gate and natural landscape.

A little more challenging but worth the view is Mariina Vyhlidka. An hour and half climb, or quicker depending on your fitness levels. There are three different viewpoints are worth witnessing. Overlooking some of the dramatic landscapes of Bohemian Switzerland and a small village makes this vista great for panoramic views and photos.


Another excellent view would be from the rock city known as the Tisa Rocks. The rocks are not only for the view but for the adventure of being able to explore all the nooks and crannies of the soaring rock towers finding your way to the top. The sandstone rock formations are incredibly unique and a great place to take photos and achieve the feeling of complete wanderlust.


Technically a part of Bohemian Saxon on the German side, but too incredible not to mention is Bastei. This dramatic viewpoint overlooks a stunning bridge that is built into the rock formations with views of a fortress in the distance. This lookout point is magical.


Beautiful Enough to be in Movies

Bohemian Switzerland was awe inspiring enough to be the location of scenes from Hollywood Blockbuster, The Chronicles of Narnia. The movie shot scenes at Pravcicka Gate and the Tisa Rocks, both locations which already appear to be out of a fantasy. The Tisa Rock scene has become so popular that people even refer to Tisa as the Narnia Rocks. This is for sure a great day trip from Prague for Narnia fans!


Home to Europe’s Largest Sandstone Arch

A true natural wonder and honored with the title of Europe’s largest sandstone archway is Pravcicka Gate or Pravčická brána. Spanning 21 meters in height and a width of 27 meters you can opt to climb up to the viewpoint, another 5 minutes up some stairs, eat at the rustic restaurant, browse through the gallery of photos from Bohemian Switzerland, or just have a refreshing cold beer at one of the tables underneath the gate. Besides being the largest sandstone arch on the continent, Pravcicka Gate is also the symbol of Bohemian Switzerland.


It’s as Green as the Rainforest

One of the incredible features of Bohemian Switzerland has to be the gorge. Walking through the gorge you instantly feel like you’re living in a fairytale or walking through a tropical jungle. However, you’re obviously not in the tropics or in a rainforest you are just witnessing and experiencing one of the most incredibly green places on earth. The walls of the gorge are covered from the ground up with a carpet of green moss, plants, and more green trees. It’s truly magnificent and peaceful to experience. You can ride the boat and float down the river oohing and ahhing at the sheer beauty. Once you get dropped off after the first boat you will see the most photogenic spot in the gorge, the little house with smoke puffing out of the chimney. It’s a scene from a storybook. Visiting this lush green paradise is worth taking a day trip from Prague.


The Folk Architecture is Also Amazing

After seeing the adorable folk homes and cottages scattered in the villages through Bohemian Switzerland you will want to move here rather than just take a day trip from Prague. The wooden homes seem like they are out of a childhood storybook. The quaint and adorable villages with their unique homes add to the overall feeling of splendor in the area.


So what are you waiting for? Book your day trip from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland with Northern Hikes. There are tour options available each season that you won’t want to mbiss. The tours are also small, so your experience will be more intimate.



Special thanks to Megan Indoe and Scott Herder from Bobbo and Chichi


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