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Sandstone Mountains photo workshop

Gorges of the River Kamenice | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Gorges of the River Kamenice


4 days, 3 nights long stay in the region
Unique sandstone formations
Best photo spots to be unveiled
Award-winning photographer Martin Rak leading the course
Breathtaking views from Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland
Views to the Elbe canyon

Tour details

Moderate hiking involved
Professional photography instructor
Please pack warm and waterproof clothes
Up to 10 attendees
The First Zone of the National Park
Your passport is required for the tour
Bohemian Switzerland National Park | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Bohemian Switzerland National Park

3 days dedicated to landscape photography. A comprehensive workshop with award-winning photographer Martin Rak


Straddling the Czech-Saxon border, the youngest of the Czech Republic’s four national parks is a true island of virgin nature in the heart of Europe. This surviving nook of wilderness has been drawing tourists, poets and artists for nearly two centuries, not only for its spectacular beauty but also for its easy accessibility.

Be ready to enter an ancient mountain realm, carved by cliffs, deep canyons and wild gorges, with volcanic hills and soaring sandstone rock formations standing on patrol above the forested landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. This is where you will get a taste of pristine scenery orchestrated by huge slabs of stone piled upon each other - a true sea of rocks whose visually compelling landscape found its way to the works of many romantic painters (i.e. Caspar David Friedrich).

Expect to take in some breathtaking views and panoramas from atop the majestic stone vistas overlooking the distinctive charm of the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland that lies in the open and is ready to be captured in the blink of your eye. We will be shooting mainly during sunrise and sunset, and in case of overcast sky and/or rain there is always the possibility of taking our gear down to the gorges in pursuit of various creeks and rivers.

Workshop will be from 26.10 to 29.10. 2017 ! Other dates are not available. One-time chance only.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains | Northern Hikes - Czech tours
Elbe Sandstone Mountains

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